I was wrong: President Trump would be way scarier than President Cruz

A few months back, pondering the ghastly parlor game of choosing between President Donald Trump and President Ted Cruz, I opted — reluctantly, disbelievingly — for Trump, as the lesser of two dangers.

Yes, the real estate tycoon is a know-nothing, uninterested-in-learning-anything buffoon. Also: a demagogue and a bully whose emotional instability would pose a threat to national security.

But the Cruz alternative, it seemed to me then, was even worse. Cruz is smarter than Trump, more calculating than Trump (which is saying something) and way, way more conservative than Trump.

A Trump presidency, or so I reassured myself, at least offered the prospect of unprincipled dealmaking in the service of what is Trump’s only guidepost: promoting the greater glory of Trump. President Cruz would be as absolutist as Sen. Cruz (R-Tex.), and therefore, from my point of view, the worse president.

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