Why support Democrats

Why support Democrats:

1. Republicans have introduced 110 anti-Muslim bills in 35 states and the U.S. Congress in the last two years. Democrats opposed most of those bills.

2. Most Islamophobes are Republican. Not only are some of the Republican representatives

proudly vocal about their bigoted remarks against Muslims, most Islamophobes are Republicans. Many Democrats have stood with our Muslim community.

3. Elected Muslim Representatives: Democrats have two Congressmen who are Muslim. Republicans have yet to elect any Muslims, nationally.

4. Anti-Immigration laws: In the last two years 300 anti-immigration laws have been passed by

Many states. Most of these laws were presented and voted in by aggressive, right-wing Republicans. Many Democrats fought against these bills.

5.Democratic Party Bylaws require and celebrate diversity. Democratic Party allows us to build alliances and coalitions with many other minority communities.

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